The case of the broken high heels

Sometimes I wonder if clothes and shoes designers have eyes. Official quote from the “You Just Need To Look Around” foundation: people are getting fatter and fatter as time moves on. Not enough physical activity and too much food. (For those thinking about all the things they add to our food I want to say that it will take 35 posts to discuss that item, but generally I do agree).

Beautiful Kodak moment: you get invited to speak publicly about a topic that you know well and enjoy. Dress up kind of gathering and for the first time in a long time, a guy offers to be your date for the evening. What is a proud girl to do? Get a new outfit right along with beautiful shoes, right? Checked.

And then, the proud girl is announced by the host and as she is walking upstairs to the podium the right heel of her brand new shoes breaks in 2. Nothing like landing face first on a table after taking a flight smacking everyone’s head. That is what I call fun. Not sure the brave guy is going to call for a second date.

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Knees, back, fat ankles and alanon

I realized today that the size of my ankles match any pregnant woman on her 9th month of pregnancy. Back and knee pain have become my regular companions now.

This addiction is a nightmare. From binging to fasting and back. I wish it were like alcoholism where the objective is to never touch a bottle again. Pretty hard not to touch food again. Unless you want to die, which sometimes sounds like a good option. At least to my ankles it does.

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Business meeting waterworks

I wabbled into a business meeting earlier today. Because I had to carry my purse, my computer bag and especially myself I showed up sweating more than Lance Armstrong after a Tour de France.

With a face looking like a tomato I entered the conference room. While I setup my stuff I realized that I did not have anything to dry my sweat with! And I did not have enough time to run anywhere to get a paper napkin or a Kleenex tissue. So I had to start the meeting in this manner, greeting the attendees while I felt the sweat running down my back and on the sides of my face.

In the middle of the presentation one of the ladies attending my lecture briefly requested for a break. She approached me to let me know that she had done so for me, as she was not sure if I was feeling well because of the way I was sweating. After reassuring her that I was doing fine, she kindly got a cold bottle of water and some tissue.

At the end of the presentation she approached me again, congratulated me on a very informative and well put together demonstration and suggested for me to carry a personal little fan to avoid the same situations in the future.

I am not sure if I should be grateful or extremely embarrassed by the entire episode. I will make sure to have something to dry my sweat next time!

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Chickens, ducks, dolls and the elephant

Here we go: the dreaded day of the kindergarten spring festival. My cousins and siblings attending the sameĀ institution. We were a family full of chickens, ducks, and little dolls…. and one elephant. This business of being all around bigger than everyone else does not pay off well!! There were 3 other elephants other than me in the school. They were all boys.

I have always wondered why either the school or the family ever wondered what this could do to a 5 year old’s self-esteem. I remember not wanting to wake up that day, even if family gatherings were always fun. I also remember that the trunk of the face mask was so heavy and hot it felt like it was going to rip my ears off.

But at the end of the event I was glad to enjoy the company of all those chickens, ducks and dolls in a fun spring party.


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The baby talk and chocolate

Yesterday evening I binged on chocolate again. That thing is addictive! But evidently I can not resist the flavor and the peaceful feeling that comes with it.

Cupcakes are difficult to eat without having crumbs all over the place. My bed has been victimized so many times with this! And last night was no exception. Before starting the cleanup process I looked down from the TV and realized that my big, fat belly was covered with crumbs. For some unknown reason I had spent the day having mental flashes with all kinds of thoughts about having my first baby.

When I saw my already bloated belly I panicked. How in the world am I going to add to this with a pregnancy? Big Bird is going to look like a ballerina compared to me! Why do I have to make these choices? I am not sure that I can leave chocolate behind so I can consider getting pregnant. I know it sounds petty and plain stupid to the food non-addicts but it is certainly a conflict for someone like me.

I feel badly for my skeleton, my heart and especially that non-born person that could be raised with a mother that would love him/her very much and provide a good life. However, I think that my ankles will always appreciate the gesture.

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The melt down

I am naturally outgoing and outspoken, and I do enjoy networking with people. But having a public shower is not exactly my idea of good impressions! I always try to find a way to meet people seating down and hopefully in a cool place. The sitting down is because I sweat less and my knees don’t scream at me after about 5 minutes of standing!! And if there is place where I can discreetly grab a napkin it makes my day, but it does not make my makeup day. I usually wind up with sticky hair on my forehead and watery makeup around the neck of my blouse or dress. And looking just like I just came back from the gym! Funny how obese people like me can look this way when we can not attend a gym regularly unless we want to have some broken bones!

Is there a way to stop the water from coming?

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To eat or not to eat? That is the question!

Monday mid day. Again. Started dieting this morning after binging on chocolate last night. Again. And I am starving, again! Tried to have some yoghurt mid morning to decrease the lunch hunger, but here it is. Again. To eat or not to eat: how often?

My intelligent mind is screaming: don’t you see yourself in the mirror? My intelligent body is screaming: with pain in the joints, in the stomach for acid reflux, in the blood pressure that makes my ears ring. So where does this evil Gemini Cricket come from and push me to eat until I feel likeĀ I am going to explode?

Here is where I wonder: am I fat but not stupid, or fat AND stupid?

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